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Instruction For Auto Water Supply System


Manual Instruction for Leather Spraying Machine

The computer control of drum water supply automatically
The manual
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Important note:
The water supply of the basic stand must be installed in a dry, no pollution, otherwise easy to cause failure of the equipment.
Foreword: thank controlled by computer is popular leather drum automatic water system.The system in 1997 was awarded the first prize for China light industry best new.After ten years of development, has now become the brand of China leather industry advantage.Especially the high speed, big flow system we developed, implements a set of the top two sets of efficiency, has brought more benefits to our customers.
One, the system advantages:
1, the earliest in leather making the research of automatic water supply technology, mature technology, products throughout the country, the user and sold to many countries and regions.
2, the domestic only fully USES the microcomputer control technology, traditional elements such as no control relay, knob, fully USES the integrated block, control software and other technology.To improve performance, reduce the fault.
3, similar products, only have the function of temperature control, to ensure that the temperature on the safe side
4, similar products, the only adopts double balance method, make temperature more even
5, similar products, the only equipped with custom pump for the customer.
6, high speed, big flow: hit the advanced computer technology, make water temperature drift diameter up to 80-100, the largest water supply can be more than 100 tons per hour.Therefore, under the condition of the drum number, can reduce the investment in residential for clients to save a lot of money.
7 series, interoperability: if the customer has more than two sets of close to the water, we can make two sets of water supply in series with each other, that is to say, if one of them fails, temporary access to use, can put another water supply to ensure production is not stopped.
8, popular throughout the domestic offices can provide more quick and convenient services to the customers.
Second, the system characteristics
1, the comprehensive implementation of the drum water automatic control, improve the efficacy, reduces the labor intensity
2, easy to operate, without professional training
3, popular computer advantages of stable and reliable, able to adapt to harsh environment, exempt from failure
4, the economic benefit is remarkable: it is understood that adopts the automatic water supply, can save 20-30% of water consumption than manually adding water.
5, system extensions: if necessary, can increase the drum quantity control.
6, technology upgrade: popular control technology upgrade in every year, and can be free for old customer service.
Three, system principle:
1, the system structure, system consists of two parts, the cold water, hot water.Hot water from the hot water tank water supply, water tank temperature should be higher than the highest process temperature of 10-20 degrees;The cold water directly to meet external water, can be well water, river water, tap water, etc.System at least need hot water and cold water all the way all the way;Cold water can take up to five road.
2, cold hot water by mixing parts (water pump, check valve, balance valve, regulating valve, flow meter, temperature sensor, etc.) after mixing, the formation temperature and flow into the water supply pipeline, control station on the basis of collecting signal flow, temperature, etc.
3, system in the thermal control butterfly valve will shut off when drum water entry, open water valve (also is butterfly valve, just different from role), mixed water continuously circulate in the water supply pipe end into the hot water tank, forming a closed loop system, until completion of the water temperature regulation.
4, good mixing water through the pipe flows through each drum, control station control of disc valve installed on the drum water entry to switch on or turn off the water.After waiting for drum into the specified capacity control station turn off butterfly stop water supply.
5, the system has two goonhilly, each goonhilly six drum can be controlled.Operators only need to input in goonhilly turned to great, water temperature, flow parameters, such as thermal control system to complete automatic water supply, water supply is automatically cut off the water, the whole control process automatically.

Fourth, technical performance and function
Job scope: 60;80;100.
Add water velocity, diameter of 60: flow 30-50 tons or more per hour;
Diameter of 80: flow or 60-80 tons per hour;
Diameter for 100: flow per hour or 80-110 tons;
Water temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃
Water control accuracy: plus or minus 10 liters
Cold water;Conventional cold water all the way, can access up to five road cold water.
Electricity power: 6 kw, 15 kw;
Main functions:
1, the temperature setting function;
2, water addition setting function;
3, turn to great set function;
4, fast automatic adding water function;
5, automatic circulating water function;
7, the preset temperature function;
8, ice water, cold water transformation function (optional)
9, digital display, etc
Five, the system installation
The installation of the automatic water supply system of divided into two parts:
1, customer pipe installation: before the system installation, generally have a manufacturer (or customer), was carried out on the water supply pipe layout planning, and carry on the early stage of the piping installation, on this basis, the manufacturer of the installation of water distribution station and control system.
2, installation considerations:
1) water mixed water head must be greater than the actual size.Such as: 65 of 80, the director of the water supply, you must configure;80 water supply must be configured 100 pipes.
2) each water supply must be configured three manual valve, respectively is 2, 1 water, the water is advantageous for the failure to cut off the water, for repair.
3) to turn the water supply pipe, not too short, not too long, is the right size: and turn hole not beyond the advisable.
4) return the position of the butterfly valve should be installed near the water tank.
5) machine stand as far as possible close to the hot water
6) piping layout should be considered as far as possible short pipe schedule
7) the position of the machine station must be chosen (environment better, dry, no pollution)
Six, system instructions
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