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Shotcrete machine operation instruction


Dial zero clearance synchronization technology applications: shotcrete machine wheel in spinning process will inevitably produce instant speed change, so that the spray gun position deviation. Hit zero clearance synchronous tracking, automatic adjust the instantaneous change shift, improving precision of spray;
High density and the application of surface technology: conventional shotcrete machine scanning density clearance is 4 cm; Hit the density increase to 2.5 cm. Direct benefit is envoys pulp rate is higher than that of the traditional technology of 10-15%;
Leather measuring technology applications: popular shotcrete machine can accurately calculate the area of the skin of the spray, the use of the convenience of factory management;
High density machine seal compression application of environmentally friendly insulation board: the scheme to improve the thermal efficiency by 5-10%;
The application of control technology and machine production integration scheme: ? a long time do not control the product
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