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Manual Instruction for MM Leather Measuring Machine


Manual Instruction for MM Leather Measuring Machine

Popular electronic type MM leather measuring machine instructions
A technical parameters:
Voltage: 50 hz / 220 v
Motor: 0.12/220 v
Measured according to the minimum unit: square inch
Accuracy of measurement: 144 square inches or less + 1
Standard plate specification: 144 square inches = 1 square feet.
Second, the installation instructions:
Only when the installation connected to the computer chassis power and signal lines, the main electric box can (specific see attached cd-rom installed in the video).
The power supply


Complete please download the attachment

5. The machine operation
(see video)
6. The matters needing attention
1. When is no leather measuring machine, can be closed temporarily.
2. This machine display sizes are square inch, if you need a conversion into square feet, can be divided by 144.
3. The same standard board in the repeated measurements, the phenomenon of the plus or minus one inch, belong to within the normal tolerance.
4. Nylon rope in use process will appear broken phenomenon, if break the root number, effect measure, will need to supplement, our spare parts have a backup in the rope and glass tube.Can be reference to supplement.
5. Spare parts box there are some other important spare parts, need to be properly kept.
6. If you see this show have not understand place, please further reference "changzhou popular electronic equipment factory product specification.
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