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Manual of Line Contact Leather Ironing Machine


1 Before using, please check as follows:

1.Please check if there is stuff on the working table;

2.Please check if the mirror surface is clean;

3.Please check the oil tank to be filled up in time;

4.Please check the butter (add butter on the chain once a week)

2 Steps (right-open, left-close)

2.1.Choose manual type;

2.2.Turn on the main switch (located down on the control panel)

2.3.Please turn the switch to “ON”;

2.4.Press the safety button;

2.5.Turn on to roll;

2.6.Turn on the heat pump;

2.7.Set the temperature;

2.8.Turn on the heater;

2.9.Set the pressure;

2.10.Turn on the oil pressure pump

2.11. Adjust the speed (conveyor, roller)

3 Steps on turn off the machine:

3.1.Please turn off as follows: oil pressure pump, heater, heat pump;

3.2Please turn off as follows: roll switch, process switch, main switch;

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