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Manual Instruction for MM Leather Spraying Machine for Rare Leather


Manual Instruction for MM Leather Spraying Machine for Rare Leather

Fashionable mm type rare leather leather machine instructions

Rare leather product introduction: mainly refers to: skin, snake skin, mink, ostrich skin rare leather, etc.The leather, the area is small, very valuable.In the actual market sale, generally do not calculate according to the traditional "square foot", but rather to "square inches".It is denominated in units "square inches".This raises the question: how to measure "square inches"?

Leather enterprise knows that our existing Leather Measuring Machine, precision to only "square foot", unable to measure the square inch.But even the smallest units of existing quantity of leather machine: 0.1 square feet, is also a square inch of 14 times!Obviously can't satisfy the measurement of the rare leather.

In this case.Almost the world rare leather leather factory, at present relied on manual measurement, low efficiency, great error in the measurement.

Popular electronic development of this product, to fill the gaps in the market, can solve the problem of the measurement of the rare leather.The leather measuring machine: using the high density of photoelectric scanning technology, precision is the existing amount of leather machine 14 times, minimum can measure the area of 1 square inch, but at the same time, square feet, with feet square meters and other functions.Therefore, it is rare leather manufacturer will choose equipment, at the same time, also can be used as a shoe factory cost accounting, measurement of shaping and acceptance of leather, and other purposes.
The main technical parameters:
Working width (cm) : 80, 100, 1200
Voltage: 50 hz / 220 v
Motor: 0.12/220 v
Measurement mode: inches square, square feet, square foot, square meters.
Accuracy of measurement: 144 square inches or less + 1
Optical scanning density: 6 mm
The smallest unit of measurement: square inches
Weight: 100-100 kg


1, how to use the square inch in the measurement of rare leather?

1) use [write] [left] button, move the cursor to the working mode (i.e., the correction of the following line)

2) using PgUp key 】, modify the parameters as the "square inch"

3) using the standard plate test (note: popular standard type standard plate of 144 mm square inch = 1 ft.)

4) the standard plate correction to 144 square inches, shows that machines have calibration, can be an official.

2, how to square inch conversion into square feet?

1) if the result of the need to measure directly for square feet, can set working mode directly to square feet, and make the results of the standard plate out = 1 feet can.Using the square feet, square meters in the same way)

2) can also be measured square inch manual conversion (144 square inches = 1 square foot, such as the measured results of 3500 square inches present 144 = 24.3 ft)

3, how to used for leather shoes factory acceptance?

Leather shoes factory acceptance, common unit of measurement for decimal "feet" or "feet should be into the system," method is the same as the above operation: first set working mode to "square foot" or "square", then the standard plate correction for 1 foot can be measured.

(note: the amount of popular leather machine "square foot", selected for decimal; "square", for the feet should be selected hexadecimal)

4, how the shoe factory conversion 98 feet, 95 feet discount leather?

1) when purchasing leather shoe factory, often met the problem such as "98" feet "95 feet".Here the meaning of "98 feet", the concept of expression is 98%;The concept of "95 feet" is 95%.

2) conversion method: to compare the simple method is: machine measurement according to 100%, and finally compare to buy back the number of leather (such as selling leather back 100 feet, if it is 98 feet, the results of the final acceptance must be 98 feet, less than 98 feet, insufficient size)

5, and how the shoe factory for the cost calculation of shoe?

1) first, must use the square inch.

2) will be measured, shaping operation area

3) playing board division according to shoe area is calculated, which can calculate the leather consumption and cost.

(note: 1, when using, shoe must adopt opaque materials; 2, the actual calculation, need to compute the disability rate of leather, leather rate and utilization rate, parameters, such as experience playing board division according to the shoe factory)

6, about the keyboard:

[write] [left] the cursor move up and down

Specify the PgUp 】 【 parameters increase

【 PgDn 】 reduce the specified argument

Before printing a pack of formula one 】 【 code list

Print the current a pack of F2 】 【 code list (that is, the former "print half a pack")

[F3] prints the total cumulative code list

"F4" copy all the code list

"F5" print Chinese box code list

[F6] box code print English single mode (English)

"F8" reset the current pack

[F9] total reset

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