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Maintenance on Leather Ironing (and Embossing) Machine



Maintenance on Leather Ironing (and Embossing) Machine

  1. 警告:新机器到工厂后,前后各做一件木垫板(注意拉车碰胶辊)。

    Warning:Before you place the machine, please make a wooden sheet in the front and in the rear in case of the roller.

  2. 警告:新机器开始使用,必须每个月检查并紧固一次镜面辊螺丝!否则将造成严重后果!

    Warning: when you use this new machine, please kindly check and fix the screw of mirror roller tightly. Or it will cause danger!

  3. 警告:每天开机必须检查导热油油温及补油箱,发现不足,应及时加满,否则将导致加热器故障!

  4. Warning: Before you use this machine, please check the heat transfer oil, if there is little left, please fill it as soon as possible or it will cause failure.

  5. 警告:每天开机前必须检查机器操作台面是否有杂物,清理杂物,否则将胶辊损坏,导致镜面辊受损及报废!

    Warning: Before turn on the machine, please check if there are things placed on the platform. Please clear and put them away or it will break the roller or the roller will be useless.

  6. 每个星期必须对全部10个黄油加油孔及2个链条加注黄油!

    Please add the butter on the two chains and the ten butter boxes at least once a week.

  7. 镜面辊;清理一次(用软布或用滑石粉)擦洗。

    Please clean the mirror roller everyday by soft cloth or talcum powder.

  8. 整机每周维护保养一次。

    Please maintain the machine once a week.

  9. 导热油每二年更换一次(320)号,液压油每二年更换一次(46)号抗磨液压油。

    Please replace the heat transfer oil (320#) and hydraulic oil (46#) once in two years.

  10. 开机及关机必须严格遵照以下程序:

    Please turn on or turn off the machine as follows:

    开机:选择手动 →  接通总开关(位于操作面板下方→把操作开关扳至“ON”的位置 →按安全确认按钮 →打开起动运转 →打开加热泵→进行温度设定 →打开加热器 →进行压力调整/设定压力→打开油压泵→调整速度(展平带、胶辊)。

    Turn on: manual→ turn on the main switch(located down on the control panel→press the safety button→turn on to roll→ turn on the heat pump → set the temperature →turn on the heater → adjust the pressure →turn on the oil pump →adjust the speed(conveyor, roller) )


    Turn off: please turn off the hydraulic pump, heater, heat pump, → turn off the roll, turn off the process button, turn off the main switch.

    ( 说明:以上“打开”为向右旋转,“关掉”为向左旋转 )

    (Remarks: if you want to turn on, please turn right while if you want to turn off, please turn left.)

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