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Accurate leather area measurement --only FENGMI leather measuring machine

It is always important to source raw materials and components from trustworthy suppliers.  Companies within supply chains develop product specifications to ensure such things as consistency of manufacture, quality of production, environmental and social compliance, all of which should contribute to every party being in agreement.

Unfortunately, disputes do still occur, and this can certainly be the case when purchasing leather, which is sold by its area. A small discrepancy in area, due to a fault in measuring equipment or operator error, can be costly if repeated over an entire batch. There are also a number of types of measuring equipment available, so different methods of measurement combined with varying regularity and reliability of calibration can lead to problems in area measurement.

ISO 11646 requires the use of a mechanical pin-wheel area measurement machine.The test method also requires that the leather is conditioned to ISO 2419:2006 (20°C and 65 per cent RH).Then ,the leather is fed into the machine with the higher-friction surface in contact with the machine, and often requires two operators to ensure that the leather is held flat as it passes through the machine. For soft leathers, this may involve pulling the leather with sufficient force to prevent the pins pushing the leather into the transport roller slots. It may affect the measurement of the leather area. But FENGMI’s automatically Leather Measuring Machine changed the shortage,adopting the new technology to flat the leather, greatly reduce the labor costs.

In recent years , many developing countries understood the power of fengmi’s leather measuring machines.They all came to FENGMI to buy the machines, and seldom complained, which greatly improves FENGMI brand , 15 years went away, and FENGMI has been the no.1 in China leather machinery industry but , it still maintain its spirit:pay attention to every detail,make every product perfect!

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