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Fengmi brings you into the workshop, understand deeper about the world's top level of the leather processings and leather products.

Fengmi brings you into the workshop, understand deeper about the world's top level of the leather processings and leather products.It needs to use Leather Measuring Machines, leather drums , leather ironing machines, leather embossing machines, leather shaving machines, leather splitting machines, leather fleshing machines, vacuum dryer and many other kinds of machines.

1.Infiltration: leather soaked in the drum, to regain the water lost in original salinization .

tannery drum

2. Liming: remove the fur, the first step to make the leather "naked". 

leather process

3. Remove fat:Mechanical steps.of removing subcutaneous fat .

leather fleshing machine

4..Split the leather:divide the leather into two layers or multilayer. Only the upper has the potential to be "full grain leather. 

leather checking machine

5. Pickled: remove lime and chemical steps to open the "grain" hole. 

over-loading wooden drum

overloading wooden drum

6. Tanning: stop cortex organic decomposition process, chemical, and biological stability is achieved.


processing machines

leather machinery factories

7.select: select the best leather 

leather stacking machine

8:Shaving: through the steps in the equipped with spiral blade roller machine, determine the thickness of the cortex. 

leather shaving machines

9. Retanning: determine the final look of leather, feel, texture, thick, grain feeling. (no photo)

10. Dyeing: using organic dyes, aniline evenly on the whole thickness. 

tannery drum

tannery drum

11.The filling: lubrication layer, better elasticity, softness and pulling (no picture)

12.Drying: eliminate the humidity: the cortex flat out on the heating plate. 

vacuum dryer

13. Air drying: dry in a natural way, make leather softness. 

Hang dry machine

14. Soft and wetten the leather : softeningand water-embellishing fiber, further soften leather handle. (no ptoto)
15. Milling: softening, wate-embellishing and improve leather "touch". (no photo)
16. Manual polishing: improve elegant bright features, in tannage terminology referred to as the "thousand points". 

leather ironing machine


17. Trim: abandon parts cannot be used. 

18. Meticulously sorting :decide leather ability of friction resistance, resistance to rub off and stain resistance. For high-grade leather, need to apply a thin layer of transparent lacquer , you will need to daub on SC to make uniform color pigment and a transparent protection layer. The Soul without going through the steps. 

leather spraying machine



19. Iron and embossing: these two programs are in order to make leather "grain"  more uniform 

leather embossing machine

20. Measure: cortex measurement by electronic means, so as to determine the size. 

leather measuring machine

21. Fire protection (if required) : this step aims to improve the fire resistance, making related products conform to the requirements of specific laws and regulations. (no photo) 

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