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China Australia Signed Free Trading Document Which Brings Opportunity to Leather Machinery.

Through ten years hard work, China and Australia finally signed official document on 17th. June.

According to preliminary estimates, in the coming 3 years of the document, our products will be exported to Australia with nearly free cumstoms duties in 1.6 billion USD which is 96.4% duties.

There are 5 kinds of products benefit. And made in china will be free of high tax and duties. The products are cloths and leather, electronic and machinery, and other final product such as iron and metal, and some chemical products and etc.

It’s good news to leather machinery field in China. Since this year, leather machinery in China has faced great impact from abroad. We are marching to mature. Though we take in this field later than abroad, but we developed fast. These years, the division gets clear in structure of products.

So far, some of the products face fierce competition such as leather drums because of its little technique. While other precision equipment such as Leather Measuring Machine, ironing machine, drying machine, spraying machine and etc. face great market. Take FENG MI ELECTRONIC for example, it’s born in 1980s, through 20 years’ development, it has been the greatest manufacturing base of leather measuring machine. They set agents in 8 provinces. It shares 80% market with its sound quality.

The present in Feng Mi Electronic Mr. Lu said once in a while, the mechanism and automation is the final way out in the development of leather machinery.

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