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Great labor- saving ---Leather automatic stacker crane

Chinais the world leather manufacturing giant. But its model of relying on low salary, high consumption and emission to promote the development has been eliminated by the market. The pressure of the increasing wage, RMB appreciation, and tax on resource and environment is a fatal blow to the leather enterprise with low profit. Only those who can withstand the multiple impacts can survive in the industry. Or, they can only be eliminated by the market or turn to the domestic market. While the domestic market will be more competitive. The market’s need forces the Chinese leather machinery enterprises to research the full automation equipments. Take the CHANGZHOU FENGMI ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT PLANT for example. It takes the market as the guide, researching many automation equipments to substitute the manual operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving the efficiency of the production. Here, I will introduce one product—FMDPJ—the leather automatic stacker crane.

Leather automatic stacker crane’s function embodies in each process of the producing. It can put the skin continuously on the stools or tablets. Its biggest characteristic is to be directly used in combination with other leather machines, like the leather spraying machine, ironing and embossing machine, polishing machine, leather measuring machine, staking machine and roller coating machine. Manufacturers inItalyfirst research and develop such machine. But its high price can not be accepted by the whole world. But the machines imitated and improved by Chinese enterprises are more popular because of its low cost and high quality.

At the beginning of 2014, R&D team of FENGMI PLANT started to make the concept development and product planning, in the next half year, the products was designed in detail. In the beginning of 2015, the products were produced in small-scale. Currently, it has entered the stage of acceptance testing .It is estimated that the products will be showed on Shanghai Fair. FENGMI PLANT takes the top technology of motion control and mechanical design, which greatly improves its use. Reciprocating conveyor and crew lift make the function of fully automatically piling of skin possible, which reduces the cost of the equipments. People in the whole world can be beneficiary.


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