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Remarks and Class of Leather Measuring Machine

  1. How to classify

1Classify according to way of heating

1Heat by steam

2Heat by conduction oil

      3Heat by electricity(ceramic or quartz)

      4Heat by diesel oil

5Heat by steam and electricity mixed

6Heat by steam and diesel oil mixed

2Classify by way of transferring

   1Transfer by nylon wire

   2Transfer by Teflon and nylon wire

   3Transfer by steel wire

3Classify by way of washing line

   1Washing by brush

   2Washing by washboard

   3Washing by squeegee

   4Washing by electricity heating and squeegee

4Classify by way of spraying

   1Rotation type of spraying

   2Back and forth type of spraying

   3Rotation and back and forth type of spraying

5Classify by way of spraying gun

   1One single slurry

   2Two ways of slurry

   3Spray under low pressure

6Classify by number of guns

     4 guns, 6 guns, 8 guns, 12 guns, 16 guns

7Classify by working width


二、Notice of all kinds of leather spraying machine

1Heat by steam

    1If it is more than 7 sets, please make 2 groups with 4 sets (or 5 sets) each.

    2The connection frame should make space(80cm) to let one person through

    3If it is grouped in two groups, another spare parts should be added such as membrane valve, trap and pipe etc.

    4Attention please do notplace and install a lobe in a whole drying room or it will disturb the ropes.

2Heat by conduction oil

1It also uses the steam radiator as if it is heated by steam.

2Differences between heat by conduction oil and steam

1The steam is sealed and driven out by trap.If it is heated by conduction oil, the steam is rotated and recycled by heat exchanger.

2The controlling valve is different. (We use pneumatic control valve at present.)

3Heat by electricity

1We use quartz tube at present for electricity way of heating. It is installed under the fan cover. It can be with recycled wind or direct eradiate.


1If it is with recycled wind, a fan cover is necessary also the cover should open a hole for wind.

2If it is radiated, there is no need to a cover with a hole.

3The wire is thick and hard so the trunking must be wide enough.

4If it is heated by electricity, the heat concentrates under the cover. Please place the temperature sensor equal with the lampshade.

     (5Please attention the connection of the electricity box and choose right power of equipment.

5Usual power of heating by electricity

180-2408-10kw each set

240-280 12-14kw each set

300-340 16-18kw each set

(Notice: In the south, it can be lower, in the north, it can be higher.)

4Heat by diesel oil

1The difference between heated by diesel oil and by steam is that the first one does not need steam radiator. The hot wind is transferred by pipe and fan to the leather.

2Notice for heat by diesel oil

1All the pipe should be covered with high temperature resist materials.

2All the electric wires should be away from the pipe for hot wind.

3Before installation, we need to know where to install such as on the top or on the ground.

5Heat by steam and electricity mixed

1It is the same to heat by steam, but the electric device is under the cover of diffusers.

2Others please refer to that heat by steam

6 Transmit by nylon wire

1 There are two kinds of nylon wire at present.

1One is with line washing system. The two sets of wire are separated.

2One is without line washing system. There is totally one set of wire.

2Attention that the tooth divider should be adapted with roller. Before shipment, it should be corrected with the channel of roller.

3Usually for nylon wire transmission, there is no need of euphroe however if you need, it can be placed before the entry of spraying.

7Transmit by teflon

1Teflon leather spraying machine

1There must be a retractor.

2The retractor must be placed on the outside of the leather.

3The main roller on the Teflon could be 1# smaller than the nylon wire transmit.

4The error correcting device should be placed at the entry.

5Each set of drying room must be equipped with two carrier rollers.

2Drying room for coating machine with Teflon transmit.

1Attention that error correction device should be placed at the entry side of leather without cold wind.

2There must be a tighten device after the exit.

8Transmit by steel wire

1There must be a tighten device at the entry side.

2The roller should be thicker than standard one.

3 Washing line and squeegee is not allowed.

4The steel wire is hot galvanized.

9Washing line with brush

1The washing channel should be designed easy to be taken in and out.

2The diameter of pipe for water out should be large enough and easy to be installed.

3The channel should be checked to insure it would not leak.

10Washing line with washboard

 The washing line with washboard must be installed at the exit of the leather. Some is installed in the middle of the washing system. For different places installed, the requirement is different.

The requirement if it is put in the middle of the equipment.

1The washboard at both sides should be made by steel.

2The deconcentrator should not be placed near the washboard.(>10cm)

3The brush should not be too hard or it will pull down the machine.

4The swing and lift and down should be adjusted.

2The requirement for washboard placed at the exit of the leather.

1 There should be a stainless platform under the washboard.

2The fur on the brush could be soft or hard.

3Others please refer to above requirements.

11 squeegee board

1The squeegee board is for nylon wire, but it can also be placed for washing line system.

2The squeegee board is usually placed at the exit of the leather.

2Notice: the teeth on the squeegee board should be able to put up and down.

12Rotation type of spraying

1Notice if it is one way or two ways of spraying. If it is the two ways of spraying, there should add spray guns and solenoid valves. The axis should be two ways of slurry. There needs two pumps, two bases for pump, two hooks and more pipes for air.

2Notice if it is one gun with two pumps. If it does, the axis should be two ways spray and it needs two spray pumps.

3Notice if the customer requires patterns. If it does, a solenoid valve is needed.

4The top of the spraying booth must be opened with many holes all around. The more, the better.

13Spray back and forth

1Attention: the inside casing and the spraying room must be 5cm away from each other to avoid shake.

2The back and forth motor should be variable frequency motor with cold wind because the ordinary will be burned for back and forth way.

        3The travel car should be made of steel. Aluminous is not allowed.

14 Rotation and back and forth mixed

1Because the spraying room is very long, there should be two holes for dedusting, one long water tank, and one fan with large power or two small fans.

2Others please refer to rotation and back and forth type.

15Guns with different sizes

      120=4-6 guns






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