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Changzhou Fengmi make new year plan - looking to the future

Continued commitment to science and technology innovation, and further enhance the product

Over the years, changzhou fengmi in an impregnable position in the fierce market competition, and largely thanks to the continuous innovation of the product. Because innovation, improve the product class, and expand the market share, to promote the development of enterprises. In 2015, in the face of last year's low market environment, we should further coagulation hearts meet force, forge ahead, and challenges the crisis, innovative products, improve product quality, increase product added value. At the end of 15, changzhou fengmi invented a new type of leather piling up machine, and wet blue leather measuring   machine perform a leather machine shocked the leather industry.

Only insist on customer satisfaction as the relentless pursuit, good reputation to win the market. Especially in the face of bad market environment, this is especially important. Therefore, in 2015, we will, as always, to "user" as the center, attaches great importance to the user to use the product, information feedback, collect opinion suggestion actively, further improve the improve the quality of machine, and resolutely do not let a detail, without missing a piece of advice. At the same time, we should further into the market, continuously strengthen the marketing strategy. Sales staff should actively use a variety of channels to keep close contact with the user, especially should attach great importance to the mining of potential users, trying to fight for orders, one thousand ways to develop the market.

Continue to put good quality level, constantly optimize the product quality
The merits of the quality is the life of the enterprise, quality is the key of enterprise competition success or failure. In 2015, therefore, we should on the basis of the original, to further improve the quality of full consciousness, formulate and implement the responsibility system for quality effectively, through cengcengbaguan, make the parts processing, machine assembly and debugging, etc all have reliable quality assurance. Quality inspection personnel to fully realize its own responsibility, to be loyal to their duties, the whole production process tracking. For relevant process link quality problem, must be careful analysis to find the reason, in a timely manner to carry out the corrective actions, to constantly optimize the product quality.

We will continue to strengthen comprehensive management, promote enterprise benign operation
Enterprise middle-level cadres are important in the field of enterprise management in the head, plays an decisive role in the development of the enterprise, therefore, in the New Year, all the middle managers to continue to keep the spirit of "with the big picture, dedicated" comprehensive management ability, multi-angle care market dynamics, fully penetrating these strategies, effective grasp the focus, have the courage to break through the bottleneck obstacles, innovative work situation. Xi jinping, chairman of the introduction of the "Chinese dream" in the great highlights eight words: "talk is harmful, pragmatic development, meaning and impact. As an enterprise, also we will always adhere to the pragmatic attitude, adhere to the plant "pragmatic" style of work, only in this way, in order to fully gather broad worker will and strength, to ensure that the development of enterprises better.
We will continue to strengthen team construction, give full play to young workers
In recent years, my factory qinggong team constantly expanding, in such aspects as to promote enterprise development has played an important role. But young workers team development is not balanced, high-quality young workers. The negative effect of market economy also relatively easy to kill some qinggong spirit of hard work and selfless dedication, combined with the current stage of development is in a deep social change, the youth in such aspects as value orientation and the demand also increasingly diverse. These are the traditional young workers training, organization and management, and many other aspects put forward severe challenges. The development of the enterprise, is the key to form core competitiveness, and its root lies in the talented person's advantage. The New Year, need whole common interest, train a contingent of young workers, and young workers in the enterprise development environment to think, plan and grasp, to meihao qinggong, to inspire the development of the enterprise education to guide young workers will be incorporated in the enterprise development, personal development in achieving strategic target of enterprise development at the same time, realize personal value.

leather measuring machine

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