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Shoe factory, sofa factory authorized FENGMI leathe meauring machine

Early this morning, I received a phone call from Shijiazhuang customer who needs several "Leather Measuring Machine." After 20 years of reputation and customer precipitation accumulation,Fengmi leather measuring machine has been popular in leather machinery, tannery customer has even reached the level of worship; "In China ,customer will only buy fengmi leather measuring machine, even the second hand machine. "a leather tannery machinery responsible administration said.

In recent years, Fengmi's leather measuring machine has high quality,many tanneries have been using the machines for more than a decade, so,although fengmi share has exceeded 90%,but the sales have not increased because of its quality. Fortunately, in recent years more and more shoe factory, sofa factory, handbag (purse factory), leather product factory start know the importance of controlling the cost. Initially, these manufacturers do not understand leather measuring machine, do not know unique advantages of fengmi leather area measurment machine. They spend relatively cheap price to buy some other brands. But they always have quality problems, some leather measuring machine has very small-scale , after-sale service is hard to ensure. One Shanghaileather measuring machine manufacturers only has 2-3 people in maintaining the operation. Once the machine has the quality problem,  will give customers a very serious loss, and it is hard for them to get the good after-sale service

Some of the smart shoe, sofa factory, handbag (purse factory), leather product factory ask tanneries , leather measuring machine which brand is good? Most tanneries will recommend fengmi, Only use Fengmi leather measuring machine ,measurement results have credibility. So this year, fengmi machines are more and more popular in shoe leather, sofa factory, handbag (purse factory) , although the price a little more expensive than other brand, but it is worth.
Many shoe factory, sofa factory, handbag (purse plant) does not know "leather printing machine, coding machine," the jargon is called "electronic leather measuring machine", Hope it helps.

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