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Memory leather machine’s history, shape FENGMI’s future

1:Significance of the leather machinery

Equipment is a major sign of productivity development. And are also the important material basis of enterprises' technology development and the realization of the enterprises' object. Well management, usage, and maintenance are significant in companies' development, quality development and the economic benefits' development.

2:Arming the company by the machinery instrument and advanced technology is the powerful assurance of renovating the high tech, reducing the consumption, improving the quality and efficiency, and expanding the production. The improvement of the instruments in leather machinery greatly improves the producing situation. What is more, it enhances the production, expands the types and improves the quality .The manufacturing level and the unique design is the key factor of the leather industry development.

After founding the state to the early 70s, the major products in leather machinery is small and ordinary wooden drum of single machine. the meat fleshing machine and cutting machine whose working width is under 2700mm.The shaving machine and grinding machine whose working width is under 600mm,the flat ironing and embossing machine whose pressure is under 5000KN ,the spraying and drying machine controlled by the light etc.

From the mid 70s o the mid 80s, the major products in the leather machiney: the common wooden drum with perfect function whose Φ is under 3000, the titling wooden drum, the hydraulic cutting machine whose working width is under 2700mm, the hydraulic shaving machine, whose working width is under 1500mm, the flat machine, whose working width is under 1800mm, the computer controller spraying and drying machine, whose working width is under 2200mm.

The flat ironing and embossing machine , whose pressure is under 8000KN, the pressed roller embossing machine whose working width is under 1500mm, the grinding machine ,air dust removal machine ,electronic Leather Measuring Machine . Also it includes the advanced hydraulic shaving machine, skin cutting machine, ultrasonic controlling short Crete machine, electronic leather measuring machine and so on.

3:From the 80s until now

The major product is: the ordinary electric wooden drum, all kinds of titling drums, horizontal spiral drum, star drum and other new type of wet processing equipment. The equipments’ volume is increasing and production capacity is expanding. At the same time, our country has developed the hydraulic fleshing machine, fine mill hydraulic shaving machine, water (extended) extruding machine, precision machine, hydraulic cutting layer roller (or drum) pressed embossing machine, flat machine, polishing machine, light leather oscillating staking machine, flat iron ironed embossing machine, embossing machine, air dust removal machine, chain tension drying machine, stretching all around the drying machine, multi-layer vacuum drying machine and computer controlling of the spray dryer.

FENGMI adheres to the principle of the country, walking in the forefront of high technology. It has a number of invention patents. What is more, some technology has even surpassed Germany’s. FENGMI make outstanding contribution in carrying out to global market.

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