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High end leather spraying machine still needs to be imported.

In China, high end leather spraying machine still needs to be imported. Our leather machinery industry is still not so strong, will low and middle product is not able to meet the market, we need high end product. In the short run, we still need to import high end leather machinery. For now, our market share of leather machinery in China is still growing.

At present, our growth of leather machines is increasing. We have exported many machinery over the world as we are a manufacturing country base. However, these machines are not the high end. So, in order to stand in the high end field, we face great challange.

It is said that we consume much leather all the year round. And the quantity is the first prise all over the world. We are the most active country in the world in leather as well as leather machinery.

We are still improving our product to face the fierce challenge in leather machinery. Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant is very stressed on recruiting persons with talents. We have gained growth on leather embossing machine, leather ironing machine, leather spraying machine and other leather machinery. We are marching to the high end.

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