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To General Manager, Mr. Lu From Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant

    In China, Mr. Lu is well-known in tannery machines with his brand Feng Mi.At his 18s, he entered this field, and have been kept going for 40 years. 20 years ago, he worked as a leader in this field and aimed to make the best tannery machine in China. In 2002, he made his best because Feng Mi shares most of the market in China in tannery machines.

In his 18s, Mr. Lu entered leather factories. He was in mechanism workshop and he worked as an assistant with his master. The main task of the mechanism workshop is to fix and renew the facility. It was the profound enterprise at that time. In order to chase after the new technology in the world, Chang Zhou Leather Factory imported high quality facility from Germany and Italy. So Mr. Lu learned this equipment face to face in his early time. He knew a lot such as design, manufacture, standards, and etc.
“The new technology is not hard to learn. But the key to fully use it is to how to use and fix it.” Mr. Lu said, “The leather machinery abroad is very good, however when we face failure, the after sales service is not good as the machine itself.” The manager asked to do what we can to overcome the difficulty. Mr. Lu worked harder and harder to learn technical skills from a layman.

In 1994, Mr. Lu registered his own brand called Feng Mi. At that time, he decided to do tannery business. There was hardly manufacturer of leather measuring machine in China. Nearly all that machines are imported from Italy and Korea. Mr. Lu saw opportunity and he felt that Leather Measuring Machine could and must be hot in China.
     Since it was decided to invest leather measuring machine, the research and development team went to learn foreign new technology and experience. Despite improving the hardware, they developed new software to adapt to the facility. It can be compared equally to that in Italy with lower price which won warmly praised overseas. Manufacturer from GER has visited our plant. When he saw Mr. Lu, he thumped up and said that the world’s biggest manufacturing base regarding leather measuring machine is here!

When it comes to a company, it is hard to run. Mr. Lu said to his employees that it is easy to make a leather measuring machine, however if you want to sell your product to more than 20 countries from all over the world, it is hard. Not all the machines are perfect with none error. When it comes to failure, we could not avoid and run away. We are the best. Through 20 years development, we have reached a new top. In the conference in front of all our employees, Mr. Lu said that each of us is not just a worker but a master and owner of our company. Now that our boss is Mr. Lu at present, it may be Mr. Wang or Mr. Li years later. However, our pursuit is there forever.

Mr. Lu said that we are a family. This ideal is our pursuit and culture which gives us a sense of belonging. When we are with Mr. Lu he is with smile at all times. He make us get together and make the company better.

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