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FENGMI’s e-commerce starts in an all-round way

After trial operation in 2014, FENGMI’s taobao, trust pass shops have been in normal operation. Since 2015, all of them will provide comprehensive service for the clients. In addition, FENGMI plant has opened the Alibaba international stores for the convenience of overseas customers.

To feedback the general new and old customers, the price of FENGMI Leather Measuring Machines’ accessory and leather spraying machines’ accessory are more cheaper.   Activity time: from March 1st to 31st in 2015. Stay tuned!

Changzhou FENGMI official taobao shops:

Website:http://shop113684737.taobao.com   ID:Changzhou FENGMI group

Changzhou FENGMI official trusts pass shops:

Website:http://shop1415810749844.1688.com  ID:ChangzhouFENGMI group

Official Alibaba international shop


Clients who buy products in e-commerce platform above will enjoy more efficient service, quicker delivery speed and more preferential price. Stay tuned.

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