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Happy New year to all staff in FENGMI PLANT

Dear colleagues, dear partners. The New Year is coming, on behalf of FENGMI Plant; I celebrate everybody happy new year. Wish you a healthy body, a happy family, and a progressive career.

Time flies. With the numerous but orderly works, we enjoyed an unusual year. Under the joint efforts of all staff, we have achieved good economic and social benefit with the full spirit, enthusiastic attitude, and solid work style. After a year’s hard work, our business strategy is more perfect, our thought is clearer and our basis is more stable. FENGMI’s Leather Measuring Machine, leather spraying machine, ironing and embossing machine won good marks, they are loved and accepted by more clients. All the marks are achieved by our staff. Thank you, thank you all the colleagues, your hard work and diligence improved our company. Passion and sweat achieved the past marks. Rationality and fortitude create the brilliant future. We enjoyed the colorful life of 2014 along with the happiness and passion. Now! We welcome the better future with great confidence.

New Year brings new hope and new dream. Let us work together amicably, perfect our service and enhance our enterprise’s core competitiveness in 2015.We are confident to develop our enterprise better!

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