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New features of FENGMIsuper leather measuring machine

(1)the switch function: 

If you want to view or print before measuring a packet data, according to the following steps: 

1.the cursor pointing to package; 

2.according to the F16 [F12] package number appear "F" on screen display, 

3.press F10 "PGUP and PGDN" adjust the required package; 

4.according to F13 print this[F2]package; 

5.Press F9, [ESC] exit; 

(2) test skin function: 

When measuring if required specific area is outside the scope of the skin does not count, can open check skin function: 

1.Behind, the cursor pointing to a piece of area, two Numbers for the minimum and maximum effective measurement area; 

2.Press F2, PgUp or F10PgDn】 to adjust the minimum effective measurement area; 

3. the F1 [left] the cursor is pointing to the second number (maximum effective measurement area), set up; 

4.the cursor is pointing to a piece of area, according to the F16 [F12] open this function (display "s"), then click the close this function disappear (" s ");

3, cases of single function: 
The cursor to "print mode", for 04 set parameters, then the cursor pointed to "a case number", you can set parameters, this parameter is decided how much each bag to print a single box yard. In the single print code in addition to the print each pack code list, when set to the number of bags, also can print the packing list. Note: after measuring total code list, if you want to print mode should be set to 00 or 01, only can print always single, otherwise it will go wrong. 
4, parameter fast input: 
PC keyboard except PgUp PgDn  to modify parameters, also with parameter fast input function: the cursor is pointing to modify parameters, press "Enter" parameters become "__ __," according to [Enter] can complete after direct input digital input. 
5, data export functions: 
If you need to copy it to a computer processing, the measured data of can contact factory (support U disk copy and cables direct mode). 

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