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2015, the Indian market will become a mohican in leather industry

When China's economic growth rate surprising the world , another economic miracle quietly appeared in India . China and India, as the world's most populous country,they compete each other.Indiais second only toChinain the world’s major economies. More important, more people believe thatIndia’s reform since 1991 has apparent effect andIndiais at the critical point of "explosive growth".

Strong market demand determines that theIndiamarket will beChina's leather industry mohican. For clients, Chinese leather machines’ price are quite low, but with a strong competitiveness. For leather machinery industry, cheap and fine Chinese machines would giveIndiamanufacturer a more attractive option, they are eager to improve the equipment because of the bad environment and low degree of automation. The advantages will bring more business opportunities to Chinese enterprises.

In 2015, FENGMI plant pays special attention to the expansion of the overseas market, especially theIndiamarket.. We hope the mainstay products- Leather Measuring Machine can receive good reputation. We will see the leather spraying machine, ironing and embossing machine as the recommended products. Try to conquer theIndiamarket.2015India’s market will full of competition.

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