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PC Leather Measuring Machine is Vulnerable

As is known to all that most of the Leather Measuring Machine in China is ordinary type of leather measuring machine. Among them, many are from Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant. Only for some shoe factories, bag factories or leather factories use PC leather measuring machine because it is cheaper.

Why so many leather factories choose us? It comes to our software which is the key to the machine. Because of our sound software, we could use it on a microcomputer without so much high end equipment and failure. PC leather measuring machine is based on windows system in this condition, many manufacturers will boast on the processor and advanced mainboard however, it doesn’t work with many failures because it is easily affected by surroundings and pollutions. Temperature, humidity, dust, magnetic field and system bug will affect the sound work. It’s like the Apple and the Mi. Though in the hardware the Apple may be lower than the Mi, however, in the IOS system makes Apple superior than Mi in each way of feeling.

One set of leather measuring machine is just several thousand USD. However if you happen to meet a failure, or error, it’s a great loss. So you really need to choose a better leather measuring machine and consult to the expert.

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