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Brief introduction of setting out leather sammying machine

Purpose and function: setting out leather sammying machine for leather and wet stretch, predewatering for leather fiber, improve the drying process, improve the leather skill, improve the quality of the leather apparent plays an important role. To reduce and even the skin moisture content, surface flattening, or on the skin and smooth leather. Structure improvement: filtering material sieve type 1 using belt conveyor belt 2 adopts two sets of squeezing roller 3 launched will squeeze water, flat and pressed three feature set in one of the crowded water, flat, ironing machine. (light) : knife rod mechanism, feeding transmission mechanism, hydraulic transmission and control mechanism, safety device, frame. Through type machine: is suitable for the dyeing of leather fatliquoring before completion, vacuum drying through crowded water, by the frame, feeding on the conveyor belt device, pressing roller and its transmission blanket support roller belt mechanism, and the felt belt mechanism, stretching rod mechanism, hydraulic drive and electric control, etc.
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