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Intelligent robot, shape like leather measuring machine

    On the night of January 30, 2015,a factory researched one intelligent robot,called X series, which is made of flexible material. Its shape like Leather Measuring Machine.

     It is reported that the birth of the X series intelligent  robot, is a concrete manifestation of China's leather machinery technology breakthrough.In the actual production, this smart cutting robot can let more customers synchronizely greatly reduce the investment cost, save the cost of production, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, optimize manufacturing process, reduce the number of employment, to jointly open Asia leather products industry intelligent production "era.

     "X" series intelligent robot is  intelligent and automized: It has the advantages of  intelligent typesetting, automatic transmission, intelligent paging, excellent speed .Its cutter head can cut a variety of flexible materials (artificial leather, sponge, flexible industrial cloth), providing customers with intelligent cutting scheme.

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