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ATTENTION! -- Buying secondhand leather measuring machine

No enterprise recommends people to buy the second hand Leather Measuring Machines. But some small furniture companies still pursue the cheap secondhand machines .The result might have many problems. As the industrial products, when broken, the clients have to repair it through the manufacturers. But few manufacturers will repair it because it is the secondhand products. So, it is particularly important to know how to choose the secondhand machines. Today, I will show you some tips.

1.Observing appearance: Many people think that as the secondhand products, the machine will have some dust. They will ignore the appearance. But it is very important. We have to see if the machine has the obvious damage and the rust fracture , if it has , we should not buy them.

2. Identify the factory date carefully. Find the label with manufacture date. If you can not find it, please ask the seller to provide the invoice or other documents. No think of the machine over 5 years because it can not work well as the new one. In addition, the old machine might be the eliminated products.

3. Pay attention to the type and function:  You have to know clearly the specific type and the usage. There are many types of leather measuring machines, and they have different functions. Many furniture companies know little about the leather industry, they believe that buy the secondhand machine can meet the producing needs, but, it is wrong.

4. Buying machines made by FENGMI plant: Whether you buy the new machines or the secondhand products, I recommend you to buy the products made by FENGMI plant, because only FENGMI’s products are stable and reliable. It has the perfect after-sale service. If you buy its secondhand products, you can use it with little maintenance fee. Besides, iFENGMI can upgrade its products, if you buy it, you can spend little money to transform it.

5.Don’t buy the machines of infringement made by the enterprise in DONGGUAN city , Guangdong province, or you will have a lot of unnecessary troubles and the after-sale problems.

I hope it can help you

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