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Blocks on Leather Industry

In China Leather Industry, although we are a big manufacturing country, we are still not so strong in manufacturing. It’s a long time to go.

1. Irrational structure of industry.

From the Angle of production, China's leather machinery structure is not reasonable for low levels of structural and regional overproduction, and performance for the enterprise production of the high consumption, high cost.In particular, many important industry high foreign technology dependence, independent development ability is weak, difficult to adapt to the fierce international competition;A lot of industry of excess capacity.

2. Low additional value of the product.

Our technology mainly relies on import. Little profit because of the low added value, China's products.Like the end of 2011, the American scholars published a called "catch apple's global supply network profit report, in which, according to the study of iPhone profit allocation in 2010, the company sold an iPhone, it occupies the 58.5% of profits, and labor profits accounted for only 1.8% of China's mainland.Because there is no technical advantages in the value chain, despite strong labor, is the bottom, little little profit.

3. Consumption of energy and pollution.

In the industry division of labor in the chain in the world, belong to China link is the manufacturing industry, it is a great demand for natural resources industry, coupled with the use efficiency is low, lead to the consumption of natural resources in the process of economic development too fast.Rising international commodity market prices to China's manufacturing market at low cost to win has brought more and more pressure.

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