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Fengmi's disruptive invention in leather machinery

1 .Super high precision Leather Measuring Machine: our traditional leather measuring machine smallest measuring unit was 0.1 square feet (about 14 square inch ), and such accuracy obviously can't satisfy the treasure leather whose measurement unit is square inch (such as mink, etc.), accordingly,Fengmi developed a minimum 1 square inch leather measuring machine ,fill in the blank in the world, also help leather factory solved the problem .

2.wet blue leather printing device: it is well known that wet blue leather contains much water on the surface, (or moisture), for a long time, wet blue leather can't print size on top of it,only by artificial handwritten. As China's labor costs rise, more and more companies eager to realize automatic printing, through long-term research and development, recently,fengmi successfully invent it, filling the domestic blank.

3, inspecting and measuring production line: traditional wet blue production, starting from sammying water, need three process to complete. I.e., sammying, classification and measurement. Fengmi starts from its advantages, integrate three process on a production line: since samming water ,directly get into the leather measuring, checking and printing. Which improves the production efficiency, but also saves more than half of the artificial. Very popular with the leather enterprises.

4, high precision leather spraying machine computer: computer as core of the system, its precision directly related to customers benefits.A good computer can save hundreds of thousands of rmb a year. Many years ago, fengmi according to user requirements, improve leather measuring machine accuracy, brought disruptive development to this technology. Tested by many domestic companies: saving over 20% of leather slurry than other domestic product.

5, automatically stacking leather : at present, has entered the stage of mass production of leather stacking machine. This equipment is mainly can be connected to the leather spraying machine, leather staking machine, is a revolution in the field of automation,having a significant impact in the automation and intelligence,At the same time ,can save manpower, increase benefit for the enterprise .

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