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Leather industry transformation and upgrading should pay special attention to the seven focus problem

In 2016, China's leather machinery get into the depth adjustment period, more severe challenges are coming. The situation of depression forced leather machinery enterprise start reform, it will be a very difficult process.

 First, the severe environmental pressure forces changzhou fengmi electronic equipment factory and many other leather machinery manufacturers to develop new products, reduce the pollution, under the pressure,fengmi reformed the old leather spraying machine, has developed a new spraying machine,save over 30% leather slurry . 

Second, fierce competition has reduced profits in leather machinery, so the new technology products, new technology of leather machinery are needed very urgently. 

Third, the rise of e-commerce and other new business model, leather machinery enterprises should focus on online together, combination of traditional and new sales model.

 Fourth, raw material prices rises, the domestic and foreign orders, lower profits, the manufacturer shall rational production, stepping up research and development. 

Fifth, the construction of excess, many problems emerge, such as electricity, more risks in the international market.

Sixth, some small businesses, legal loophole, lead to formal enterprise loss is very serious. 

Seventh, honesty and credit system construction is imminent.

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