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fengmi design the leather ironing machine suitable for sheepskin

At the request of customer, recently,FENGMI designed a sheepskin leather embossing machine for the customer. The ironing pressure machine’s ironing roller adopts the high quality steel, chrome plated super smooth roll , ironed sheepskin is smooth and has surface brightness, and can significantly improve the grade of sheepskin. The ironing machine has unique roll changing system, work very quickly, it can be finished in a very short time work roll . Noteworthy is the ironing machine pressure adopts the oil heating and preheating system and internal heating roller adopts unique structure, can quickly improve the temperature of the roller, after debugging the temperature can make the cowhide better .Fascinated, of course, it also has a special flat device, can guarantee sheepskin fully flat, avoid the skin at a discount. Senior engineer Zheng Gong who designed the ironing machine introduced, the embossing machine is also supporting the mat sets of automatic guiding device, is made up by the adjustment of the hydraulic control roller. To ensure that the blanket in a stable and correct position, can avoid frequent manual adjustment. Hydraulic circuits of compensating device, can make the uneven skin in the ministries under uniform pressure. Guarantee under the condition of power, protection device for hydraulic system press roller drops rapidly, avoid high temperature iron (embossing) roll of mat sets of high temperature damage. Multiple electrical protection guarantee machine, shut down in accident cases in a timely manner to avoid damage to people and machine, is an excellent leather machinery and equipment.
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