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Types and application scope of the leather measuring machine

The shoe industry, leather industry, the furniture industry, the clothing industry and many others need to use the Leather Measuring Machines. And do you know the function of the machines? Do you know the types of the machines?

According to the different needs, leather measuring machines have 7 different functions.

1. The horizontal leather measuring machine: in the process of measuring large leather, our machine can stop whenever and wherever. It can also control the speed, so that no matter how soft the skin is, it can measure the skin.

2. Leather measuring machine in shoe industry: It is specially designed for the shoe companies, which is very brilliant and practical.

3. Fully automation leather measuring machine: Automatically stamp size with high frequency scanning.

4. Vertical leather measuring machine: It can be stopped when working without hurting the skin.

5. Wetting leather measuring machine: It has the full sealed sensor and the characteristics of anti interference intensity, high resolution and long service life.

6. Original leather measuring machine: It has the professional anti-corrosion design. It has the high sensitivity sealed sensor, which can accurate measuring of all kinds of cattle, swine, sheep raw skin.

7. Economic leather measuring machine: It can add the coder machine at any time.

At last, I want to recommend everybody that whatever machines you choose, you should buy the machines with great brand. In domestic market, the best one is FENGMI plant , please believe us.

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