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High labor costs greatly develop the highly automated equipments in leather industry

Nowadays, equipment manufacturing industry has entered into the era of computer controlling. The use of numerical control mode and manipulator substitutes the labor force to some extent. Moreover, equipments are easier to operating. In the future, leather machinery enterprise’s workshop will show such scene: a production line works in highly automation without human’s operation, but being controlled by the computers. Increasing labor costs develop the highly intelligent, which makes production quicker and more efficient.

In recent years,China's aging problem is more and more serious, which makes the lack of young workers. The gap of the labor market’s demand even has to rely onThailand,Philippines, and the North Korean. Secondly, the hard work reduces workers' willingness to work in manufacturing industry. Thirdly, labor costs will be greatly increasing. The company has to use more intelligent devices to reduce stress of high labor costs.

In addition, Leather machinery factories in our country also start to use more and more intelligent automation equipments. Take the famous company in Leather machinery industry, CHANGZHOU FENGMI ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT PLANT for example, in 2015, the researching spending of the project on intelligent automation equipment reaches to 10 million, and the number of researchers doubles. FENGMI plant see the fully automatic computer Leather Measuring Machine, leather automatic stacking machine, full automatic test skin classifier as the key research projects, and strive to achieve a breakthrough.

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