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Highly trusted and praised leather measuring machine

Our product is unique and exclusive. It is the high product in tannery machine. It is easy to handle and can measure the area of leather accurately.

We are keeping providing best service and plan to our customer. We are:

  • Highly taking part in primary design
  • Of high quality
  • Trustworthy and deliver goods on time
  • Responsive and with high end service
  • With friendly design
  • Able to offer creative advice

Based on our profound standard of manufacturing line and quality, logistics and experienced workers, our products have been tested through to meet the standards of industry which is regard as the leader in this field. Nearly half of the Leather Measuring Machine is from Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant. Our products are with patients and have gained praise from China National Light Industry.

Many from leatherfactories would wonder if your leather measuring machine is from Feng Mi ? If the answer is negative, then he will doubt the quantity and quality of the leather.

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