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Good News For Qingming Festival,We Hold A Promational Activity

Qingming festival is one of the 24 solar terms in China.Because the twenty-four solar terms is to objectively reflect the year round temperature, rainfall and phenological changes, so the ancient working people use it to arrange farming activities.Tomb-sweeping day arrived, temperatures, rainfall is increasing, it is spring spring big time."Before and after the tomb-sweeping day, the melon is a kind of beans", "afforestation, the mo ching" farmer's saying.Visible to the throttle and agricultural production have a close relationship.
Qingming festival is a traditional festival in our country, the tang dynasty poet tu mu's poem "qingming festival" : "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village."Write the ching Ming festival special atmosphere.
Ching Ming festival, also called TaQingJie, according to the solar calendar for, it is in every year on April 4 to 6, between, it is beautiful spring scenery spring-out of season, it is also the people (ancient called outing) good time for a spring outing, so the ancients had qingming outing, and carry out a series of customs sports activities. Until today, the festival worship their ancestors and relatives mourn the late customs still prevail.
Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant, as the traditional Qingming Festival is approaching, hold promotional activities  for the machine. At day of the festival to buy all my factory machinery dealers, individuals, regardless of nationality, are eligible for a special holiday price! Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant has, leather spraying machine, embossing machine, hot-ray machine, the amount of leather machines, checking machines, leather drum automatic water supply equipment.
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