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Alert—look back on our rights protection

In 2012, for about 4 years, the case about our prescription to Guang Dong Leather Machinery Factory had gained great process. Chang Zhou Police arrested Mr. Jin, Mr. Hu, and close down infringing products.

Feng MI is significant in Manufacturing Leather Measuring Machine. We focus on Controlling Software in computer. It’s high technology which fill the gap in China. Our market occupation is more than 90%. Products have been sold to all over the world. At present, there are two patents on Leather Measuring Machine that is unique in China. There is one exclusive patent in the world market. We have many other patents and software copyright in tannery field.

Those involved Mr. Jin and Mr.Hu were employees in Feng Mi. Tempted by high profit, they stole our technology and wanted to sell the same products. So they resigned from Feng Mi, and went to Guang Dong, registered a company named Shuang Li Leather machinery factory, produced unauthorized products which leads them to crime. During this process, we Feng Mi had warned them many times in spoken or written forms. However, they ignored, and wanted more. They founded two factories named Shuang Li company, Hua Rui company, instead one workshop. The factory grew. They openly commit a crime. They manufactured hundreds of machines and gained millions of profits.

In this case, Mr. Jin and Mr. Hu have been punished by law in probation. But 2 years passed, they didn’t change. So when we faced with upcoming infringement act. We are alerted and we will fight for our rights.

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