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News: Green Life- building a more sustainable leather industry

Green life is the ideal environment of the leather industry. It is a project funded by the European Union and one part of the life plan. Its headquarter is set in Vicenzatanning area. It is sponsored by five Italian companies. It includes a chemical company, two leather companies, a water purification plant and a biotechnology company. The meeting was started in November in 2014.Those partners are focused on producing the healthy leather industry, which includes reducing the water consumption, reducing the use of the chemicals, reducing the waste. Also, it focuses on the sustainable development of the leather industry.

The project needs to develop the new leather producing process. In addition, its purpose is to develop the recycle and reuse of the bad products of the industry, agriculture and energy sectors. The project of Green Life will assess the impact of wastewater treatment. Also, it will analyze the economy and social impact the new technology made. Specially, the object of the Green Life project is to reduce 20% water when producing the leather, and reduce the sulfide when the stage of treating hair removal, reaching 15% of the rate of recovery and reuse. They will create a new technology center to share the new ides and technology. The project lasted for about 3 years. It invested 200-300 million Euros to promote the projects. Green life is the first step of the global corporation.

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