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Leather machinery marketing

1. The pricing strategy Three main factors affect leather machinery marketing:

(1) The demand for products on the market situation, 

(2) production enterprise comprehensive cost, 

(3) the degree of competition in industry. Different market should adopt different marketing tools. Leather machinery price, should know about company's products, changzhou fengmi electronic equipment plant, produce leather spraying machine, leather embossing machine, Leather Measuring Machine,as high-end product ,compared to domestic market and foreign market price of the product to quote the price,, if other leather machinery enterprises make low-end products, lower relative positioning, the price. Should pa attention to the raw material costs, market supply and demand and other factors to consider, to develop a suitable for the price of its customers need. 

2. The sales channels and management strategy The domestic leather machinery sales mainly to direct sales, agent. Overseas sales can be in the original basis, network marketing and increase the intensity of the exhibition. 

3. The promotion strategy In the off-season, can reduce the price, gifts and other means to give the user some basic interests, obtains the customer favor. In busy season, want to give customers the corresponding preferential, give customer support. 

4. The service strategy To provide a good pre-sale service, sale of technical support, and perfect after-sale service

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