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How China leather machinery conquer the international market

China leather machinery industry, after learningItalyand many other developed countries for about 20 years, can create our new technology. In fact, Chinese technology in leather machine develops a lot in quality, technology level, and appearance. Chinese enterprises make full use of the common wisdom of human beings to form its own ability and technology of developing and designing novel machines from the technology and materials. But, compared with the technology levels of some developed countries, there is a certain gap. How to survive and conquer in the global leather machinery market? How to develop FENGMI plant? Then, I will introduce some information to you.

1. Innovation. Innovation is an eternal theme. With the development of People’s living standard, their requirements towards leather are increasing. So, the technology of leather machine has to meet people’s needs. To develop marketable new products is the key point of developing leather machinery. Same as other machine industry, products’ development and upgrading must keep the space of the market. We need learn the advanced experience of foreign companies. It’s very important to create new products. At the same time, the products should meet the equipment of leather-making process in practice. When start making the leather machines, FENGMI also learn the Italian machines, but FENGMI never blindly imitate it, but dare to make innovation. With the joint efforts of R&D team, the company has developed many machines and their performance s the Italian leather machine equipments. Our products got the patent.

2. We should focus on automation. Leather industry has many problems, such as dirty, tiredness and pollution. Developing automation equipments and forming producing lines have been the trend of The Times. Automation equipment can reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs with maximum. FENGMI electronics opened a subsidiary, Changzhou FENGHAO automation equipment factory in 2007, which is specialized in producing researching and developing automation equipments. In recent years, FENGHAO has developed the elastic fleshing machine, conveyor, conveyor belt machine, leather pile machine, leather spraying test machine, leather embossing machine, etc.

3. Strengthen the software development. Completes the control system and introduce PLC computer operation as far we can. Chinese enterprises need to develop their own software elites. Only good software system can better to "command" hardware. FENGMI leather spraying machine computer is one of the world's best machine s which can greatly save the materials, saving 10-20% of the pulp than similar products. Save clients’ cost and reduce the pollution to the environment. As another example, FENGMI leather drum water supply equipment improves the efficiency of water, and also prevents a series of losses.

4. Strengthen the e-commerce efficiency. Many developing countries welcomeChina's production of leather machines, especially the manufacturing countries relatively concentrated inSoutheast Asia. Such asThailand,India,Pakistan,Indonesia,Vietnamand other countries. In the past, a lot of equipments are imported fromItaly, but now,Chinaleather machines’ price is much more attractive than Italian products. Leather machinery industry should be organized. Those powerful leather machinery enterprises should form leather strategic alliances to strengthen publicity. Enterprises should make good publicity work, develop new technology. Especially by using web, B2B platform, introducing our products. In 2014, FENGMI electronic reiterated Ali international station, actively took part in the national exhibition, has realized the double foreign trade sales.

      All the above are my own opinion, wish you recommended me.

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