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Feng Mi has developed leather ironing machine that equals to that made in Italy

Bill Gates had asked: if I let you now immediately to leave Microsoft, you can still make a comeback?Bill Gates sure to answer: can!Just give me 100 Microsoft employees, I can create a Microsoft.Bill Gates spoke the development of the modern enterprise essential ingredient: talent!High-quality talent is a modern enterprise in the international market the most powerful magic weapon, mastered the talented person have the whole world.

China leather machinery enterprises "going out", must rely on talent.In today's international competition environment, the role of high-quality talent is more prominent.As known as the father of the Windows JimAllchin, r&d and marketing to the success of Microsoft's Windows system has played a key role, Microsoft Windows technology became popular all over the world, Microsoft will onto the throne of the world's top 500 is the so-called: "talent is the world, loss of talents is the world".Basic not firm, shrinks, China leather machinery enterprises to "go out", must have to adapt themselves to the international competition of powerful talent support system, talent reserve base.

China leather machinery enterprises "going out", is an urgent need to have talent.Talent is a kind of resources, will be more effective in the integration, talent is a kind of capital at the same time, the flow in the continuous increment.Popular electronics in recent years were ransacked, caused by jung hyun lead on behalf of a large number of leather machinery industry elite.Just a few short years, fashionable leather embossing machine electronics has made a breakthrough, the current performance and quality of the embossing machine can compare a shoulder completely embossing machine, Italy, and even in some detail aspects than foreign leather machinery and equipment.
The height of the talent, decide the enterprise level.The strength of the talent, decided to "go out".If we can put the high-quality talent fully mobilize enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, will form a powerful momentum, China leather machinery enterprise strides towards the international market.

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