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Feng Mi Take Parts in Shang Hai Exhibition Regarding Leather Machinery

On Sep. 2nd 2015, the Shang Hai Exhibition was over. We displayed our leather machinery in hall N5. Leather Measuring Machine, spraying machine, ironing and embossing machine, stacking machine, auto water supply device shows in our booth. Among the displayed machines, our leather spraying machine has been sold out 10 sets in 3 days.
In this exhibition, there was no other new products show in the leather machinery area. So our leather stacking machine gained warmly concern. This stacking machine can be connected with measuring machine, leather spraying machine, leather ironing and embossing machine and etc. It can save at least 2 working persons. For leather factories, it is certainly good news. It can be automatic performed and saves space for the workshop. Some customers worry about if it consumes a lot of power. However, we are here to say that this machine is 0.8KW which means more energy saving than a set of air conditioner.
Lately, the growth of leather and leather machinery is slow. Our orders decrease. However, as long as we make good quality products, we will never lose.

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