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Small industry, big responsibility-FENGMI leather measuring machine

With the increasing development of the society, people nowadays, people tend to wear leather clothing, leather shoes, leather skirts and many other leather products. The leather products are welcomed by most of the clients. As an old saying goes that, 30% of the success relies on process, 70% of the success relies on machines in leather industry. Admittedly, leather machine industry is a niche industry; Its market scope is very narrow. It is often ignored by people. But the leather machinery is indispensable in the process of the development of leather industry.

The leather industry was a highly polluting industry in the past. But since the "twelfth five-year" plan, leather industry turned into the new time in our country. The trend of energy conservation, emissions reduction, development of low carbon economy and the improvement of the products’ added value is irreversible. The great stress of industry transformation and upgrading, the great pressure of protecting the environment and the high pressure of the losing staff are constantly put forward higher requirements to leather machine industry. How to adapt to changes in the leather industry? It is necessary to use intelligent, clean and efficient products in making the leather machines.

For this reason, I will choose the national key units of demonstration in leather machine industry- Changzhou FENGMI electronic equipment CO.LTD as an example. I will introduce the information around two aspects of enterprise’s development and industry transformation. Mainly about the current developing situation in leather industry, the developing trends, the mission during the producing of the products. The aim is to show you the real situation of the leather machine industry.

In recent ten years, with the development of Chinese leather industry’ scale and clustering, machine industry has ushered its golden period. Many enterprises increased investment in research and development and introduced a series of upgrading high performance products. At the same time, a number of well-known enterprises are well received by more people, Such as FENGMI plant, which greatly promotes the development of China's economy.

Changzhou FENGMI electronic equipment CO.LTD produces many kinds of Leather Measuring Machines. They adopts the integrated circuit, using discrete scripts to produce products, greatly improve the security and stability of the machines. From the small effects, FENGMI plant satisfies people's demand of leather products. Moreover, he promoted the development of Chinese economy. But from the big effects, FENGMI plant’s products greatly improve the performance of the products, realizing the green production, and now it is the theme of social development. FENGMI plant will be more brilliant!

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