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Additional features of leather measuring machine

1. Bar code printing function: can extend bar code printing function on basis, meet the needs of those customers who need bar code printing to; at the same time, it offers convenience for customers to keep the data in management system through the scanner.

2. Label printing feature: This feature allows aafter measuring one leather area, make a self-adhesive label printing, not suitable for leather by stenciled printing(eg hair leather, etc.) instead ,suitable for furniture factory to replace manual written size.

3, Desktop printing function: This function is mainly to meet the customer whose venue is small but there is a need to print on the skin After Desktop Printing machine and leather machine connect, customers can freely choose the printing position, as long as the leather into the printing position, the printing process automation implementation.

4.Area buckle Function: This function used in front of leather measurement, buckle single leather buckle parameters, and after the measurement, the actual size,and buckled size will be displayed in a single code.

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