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Science of Leather Ironing and Embossing Machine

Leather ironing and embossing machine is a kind of tannery machine. Also, it’s called Leather Ironing Machine, Roller Type of Ironing Machine for Leather, or Leather Embossing Machine. Nowadays, there are two kinds of this machine, one is leather ironing machine, and another is leather embossing machine. Ironing machine is traditionally used to press on leather or cloth to make patterns and logos. Also, it can be used on paper to make all kinds of patterns. It’s without ironing effect. Since the development of since and technology, some leather ironing machine in China can be equal to that made in Italy. Take Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant for example, its auto roller changing leather ironing and embossing machine is very high end technology.

  1. It is with auto roller changing switch which is original and exclusive in China.

  2. Multi roller heating system which means the roller can be heated independently. When it needs to be changed, there is no additional need to install the heating system. So it’s easy to be used. It is super to previous one roller ironing system.

  3. Super high pressure, 240kg/cm2, enables to emboss full litchi pattern.

  4. It’s equipped with mirror polishing roll. Two functions in one. There are features of edge knurling machine on the top. And there are features of ironing machine on the base. So it can both iron and emboss the leather. Super mirror polishing surface levels up the ironed leather.

  5. The frame and the roller of machine are all imported materials. It can endure high pressure without deformation.

  6. The key parts are all imported material such as the axle, the bearings, the heater, the blanket and etc. The quality is stable and high. It’s best solution to leather for bags and garment. Also it’s good for shoe leather. The leather is ironed with natural pattern.

  7. The heating system is computer controlled which can enable to heat the roller evenly and uniformly.

  8. Timing to heatfunctionenables preheating to save time to boot.

It is said that the leather ironing and embossing machine has been improved better and better. It’s already the best and highest level of tannery machine in China which draws heat attraction. High cost of developing and creating makes the cost of ironing machine higher than that in domestic sales. But compared with Italian leather ironing and embossing machine, it’s still cheaper, take its quality into consideration.

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