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Brief introduction of how to effectively save the cost

Nowadays, the leather industry has increasingly fierce competition. Many shoe factories and leather factories try to control the cost to obtain more profit. But, the control of the cost of raw materials is the most important thing in the whole cost controlling system. So a lot of shoe factories and other factories start from controlling the leather size.

If your company need to use the leather everyday, and have you ever calculated that the cost clearly?

1. The loss of without buying the FENGMI Leather Measuring Machine: A pair of shoes needs to use 1.5 feet leather everyday. And you can produce 1000 pair everyday. The daily use of feet is 1500 feet. The dealer sold them to you just as 90% of the leather. You have to lose 105 feet leather everyday. The price of the leather is 18 Yuan per feet, and you have to lose 1890 Yuan everyday.

2. A month , you have to lose 1890*30=56700 Yuan

3. A year, you have to lose 56700*12=680400 Yuan

4. If a company can produce 2000 pair shoes everyday , in a year , he has to lose 680400*2=1360800 Yuan.

We can buy the latest TESLA, we can buy the BMW 740I, we can buy the houses, but why do not we buy one machine made by FENGMI plant, it just needs several thousand Yuan. FENGMI machines, you are deserving have.

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