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  • Young-Pearl Machinery CO.,Ltd.
Young-Pearl Machinery CO.,Ltd.

Yangzhou Young-Pearl Machinery Co., Ltd. is Sino-foreign joint venture in tanning machine industry in China. It grew out of the Yangzhou Leather Machinery Factory established in 1969 and have produced tanning machinery more than 40 years. From the very beginning, Young Pearl has cooperated with Polletto, 3P, Enteco of Italy, We mainly producing the tanning machines of both internationally-advanced and domestically-led level. These years, we also cooperated with Rizzi, another world-renowned tanning machinery company in Italy. We are going to take use of the internationally advanced technology of Rizzi and manufacture the internationally top-class tanning machines for the international market.

Y.P. has became the vice board chairman unit of China Leather Industry Association.

At present, our main products include hydraulic fleshing machine, feed-through hydraulic samming machine, combined samming and setting-out machine, two pressure rollers with felts samming and setting-out machine, vacuum dryer, embossing press model, hydraulic shaving machine, rotary coating machine, buffing and air-blast dusting machine, dust collector and caking machine, rotary toggling machine, feed-through ironing machine and embossing press machine, etc. The Italian productive technologies that we have taken use of for our main products are as follows:

1, Hydraulic fleshing machine – Poletto;

2, Feed-through hydraulic samming machine – 3P;

3, Combined samming and setting-out machine – Poletto;

4, Two pressure rollers with felts samming and setting-out – Flamar;

5, Vacuum dryer – Incoma and Cartigliano;

6, Embossing press model – Rizzi;

7, Hydraulic shaving machine-Flamar

8, Rotary coating machine – 3P AND YP;

9, Buffing and air blast dusting machine – Berge;

10, Bags dust collecting and caking machine – YP.

Y.P. currently has 120 employees, including 40 technical persons and 10 engineers. It covers an area of 36,000㎡and has fixed assets of RMB 40 million.

Pushed forward by many waves of machinery industrial development since the Eighth Five-year Plan, Y.P. has witnessed a few large-scale reform and tremendous growth, and successfully implemented the national torch project. It boasts of a series of highly sophisticated processing equipment that have brought about a big leap-forward in quality in terms of processing technology. For example, it has imported a large-sized processing center, 6M gantry planer, 6M gantry milling machine, large-sized boring machine, 5M large-sized lathe, 4M grinding machine, 5M thread rod milling machine, 4M dynamic balancing machine, etc. In recent years, Y.P. has always adhered to the strategy of “building up the company with science and technology” and dedicated fully to getting into line with the internationally advanced technology. It adopts CAD in terms of the research and development of the products and implements ISO9000 in the quality security and ERP logistic control & management in the corporate management. With the increasing growth in overall qualification of the company, Y.P. has won the titles such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Technology and Intelligence Intensive Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”, “Demonstration Enterprise in CAD Promotion and Application in Jiangsu” and Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual property standards and outstanding enterprises. It drafted the industry standard of vacuum dryer and hydraulic fleshing machine. The manufactured tanning machine series has won the title of being State-level New Products and New & Hi-tech Products of Jiangsu Province and got the award of Technical Progress by the Ministry as well as Jiangsu Province and nationwide class-one products of national level. Some of the products have been granted CE by European Union. Its products have taken on the features of wide-range and novel outlook, with the integration of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, digital, displaying mechanism as well as the advanced technical structure.

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