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  • Huzhou Er Qing Industry Machinery CO.,LTD
Huzhou Er Qing Industry Machinery CO.,LTD
Since the establishment of our factory, with the support of local government and all sectors, by the way of diligent and hard work, we have obtained significant economic benefit and sound social benefit. We hereby would like to sincere thanks to all our friends.
Our factory is major in tanning machinery, we have strong technical force and advanced equipment. Our products are popular in domestic and foreign market, and gain high praise from all our customers.
“ To create first-class enterprise, to make first-class benefits” is the goal of all staff of Huzhou Er Qing Industry Machinery General Factory. We have the confidence and determination to make the enterprise healthy and stable development, and appreciate the help from the society.
The arrival of the new century and the rapid development of the internet have provided a great convenience for human exchanges and cooperation. This site is the communication channels of us, we are willing to listen your comments and suggestions for our goods and service, and also may through this window, transfer information with each other. let us trust each other and cooperation, explore and develop together!
Thank you for visiting our website again. Welcome to visit our factory and business negotiations. 
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