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Leather Spraying Machine

  •   FMPJJ--Fengmi Leather Spraying Machine
  FMPJJ--Fengmi Leather Spraying Machine

FMPJJ--Fengmi Leather Spraying Machine

  • Product description: Leather Spraying Machine


1.save leather slurry: save 10-20% leather pulp than the same products.

2.Spray leather pattern function: through dozens of customers at home and abroad using experience, only fengmi computer can meet the requirements of the leather pattern they need spray.

Advantage of the product:

1.Energy saving, power saving:Fengmi new generation of drying technology, can make the drying path shorter 4-6 meters, both save energy and space.

2.More environmentally friendly:Fengmi new generation of dust removal, adopted multiple filtering, can completely avoid the dross.

3 .Teflon transmission device: no need personnel supervision, no need install infrared stop, don't worry about pinched skin damage, original in China.

4.Function upgrade:at home and abroad,Fengmi is the only enterprice to intergrate producing finished machine and computer development,no matter from product research, development, production and after-sales service, has the incomparable advantage over other manufacturers.

5.After-sale protection: complete coverage of domestic service network, in foreign country has many technical security agents, can provide the most timely service to our customers.

6. Genuine materials:Fengmi  products, regard the honor of the company for the first, never cut corners, shoddy, assured the quality, with more at ease.

7.Low pressure spray: can customize low pressure spray for customers.

The main specifications:

Working width: 1400-3400 - mm

Numbers of spraying gun: 4-16 guns

Pulp road forms: single plasma, double plasma road

Coating method: rotary, reciprocating and rotating reciprocating hybrid

Transmission mode:monofilament,teflon,steel wire rope

Heating method:steam,infrared,oil,gas,and several ways of mixing,etc

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