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Why Feng Mi draws so much favor across the world

We are a manufacturing plant integrated with study , design ,manufacturing and service. Throughout many years, we’ve gained remarkable record since we are dedicated in studying and developing leather automation equipment. We share 80%-90% market in China , and we export all around the world. We are world famous leather automation equipment plant. Now, Fengmi electric has three plants, one research and development center, 8 permanent offices in China and lots of sales agents all around the world. Our goal is to be popular in China and adaptable to the world.

Our pursuit: To be the tannery machine’s manufacturing base around the globe.
Main Products:

1. Leather Measuring Machine ( 8 types, 50 sizes)

2. Leather spraying machine ( size: 1200mm-3800mm)

3. Leather spraying machine computer (4,6,8,12,24 guns)

4. Leather vacuum dryer ( size: 2.5*4-3*7)

5. Auto water feeding system for drums ( size: 65,80,100)

6. Ironing and Embossing machine ( 1600mm-3200mm)

7. Auto wet-blue leather check machine and Auto leather heaping machine


We run business with faith and trust. We place our customer in the first place. Our company is profound with good environment.

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