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Trade Show Metaltech Malaysia

Metaltech Malaysia features machine tools, special purpose machines, cutting machines, welding machines, molds and dies, sheet metal technologies and components, machine devices, surface treatment, heat treatment services, material handling services, storage products and services, tools and tooling, measuring technologies, analysis and quality control services and other wide range of products and services. The event allows the visitors to delve deep into a wide market and discover new opportunities and traits. It happens to be a must visit event for all.

NEPCON Malaysia will include participation of a large number of exhibitors from all around the world. The exhibit profile includes equipment, materials, systems and services for the printed circuit board and semiconductor industries for: packaging, production, design, test assembly, subcontracting, contract manufacturing, moulds and dies and surface treatment, electronics components and parts. The exhibitors will get an opportunity to attract prospective clients and produce new sales leads, gain market presence, launch new products and network with the customers.

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